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At New Sun, it’s dedicated to offering you a sustainable journey towards a brighter, energy-efficient future.

Our specialty is in genuine, top-tier solar products sourced from renowned manufacturers across the globe. You’re offered an extensive array of solar energy solutions to power your needs and wants.

From homes to businesses, we strive to transform the way you harness and consume energy. As you explore our products, you’ll find a multitude of choices, including many types of brands selected to meet your diverse requirements.

Our offerings come with quality assurance and performance, fortified by our belief in a greener, cleaner future for all.

Join us at New Sun as we pave the way to a world powered by the potential of the sun.

Explore our range of premier solar products and embrace a future fueled by sustainable energy. Welcome to a brighter tomorrow, welcome to the New Sun.

Solar Panels

Elevate Your Energy Solutions

Unlock the power of the sun with our diverse range of solar panels. You’re offered an extensive selection of high-quality solar panels, catering to a spectrum of power needs and preferences.

Our commitment to excellence ensures you’ll receive top-tier solar panels to drive performance and sustainability.

You seek a compact 60W solar panel for a residential home or a robust 550W panel for a larger commercial application? We have the perfect product to meet your energy demands.

Guaranteed Performance and Reliability

Every solar panel in our collection comes with a robust of 25-year manufacturer’s warranty, a testament to our trust we place in the durability and efficiency of our solar panels.

You’re investing in a long-term, sustainable energy solution that not only reduces your carbon footprint but also ensures consistent, reliable performance over the years.


Experience the pinnacle of power efficiency with our array of superior Inverters at New Sun. We’re dedicated to delivering top-quality inverters sourced from leading brands across the globe.

Explore our inverters featuring renowned brands like Outback, Victron Energy, Deye, TBB, and many others.

From 150W models to robust 10+KVA Inverter/charger powerhouses, our range caters to your diverse power needs and voltage preferences of 12V, 24V, and 48V configurations.

Guaranteed Quality, Unwavering Performance

We back the quality of our inverters with a comprehensive 2-year warranty on most of our offerings.

Our warranty stands as a testament to the confidence we have in the durability and efficiency of these inverters, ensuring your money in sustainable energy is secure and supported by our commitment to excellence.

Our inverters meet the demands of residential, commercial, and industrial settings. With a focus on quality, performance, and adaptability, our inverters are good at efficient and sustainable energy use.

Ready to Power Up your premises?

Discover the perfect inverter size for your needs. Choose New Sun Inverters for quality, performance, and the promise of a smarter, more sustainable energy landscape.

Request for a FREE quotation here and Transform Your Energy Future now! 

Charge controllers

We take pride in offering you top-notch charge controllers sourced from leading brands like Morningstar, Victron Energy, and Outback.

With our various sizes ranging from 6 to 250 amps with multiple types including Pro star, Sun saver, MPPT, and Tristar. Our customized controllers will meet a spectrum of your solar power needs.

Reliability Backed by a 5-Year Warranty

We stand behind the quality of our controllers. We offer you a comprehensive 5-year warranty on all our charge controllers.

Our assurance reflects the confidence in the durability and performance of our charge controllers, offering you with peace of mind and security for your paid money.

Elevate your solar power setup with our groundbreaking controllers. It’s not just about regulating power; it’s about optimizing your solar experience.

Join us in harnessing the potential of modern charge controllers, ensuring a future where solar efficiency meets unparalleled performance.

Ready to Take Control of Your Solar Power?

Explore our range of charge controllers and find the perfect fit for your solar setup. Take Charge of Your Solar System Now.

Solar batteries

At New Sun, we take a top position in a wide range of high-performance solar batteries.

Our battery range includes sealed, maintenance-free batteries from trusted brands such as Sunlight, Vision, Deka, and the advanced Weco lithium batteries.

With types like AGM, Gel, and specialized features, such batteries improve the efficiency and reliability of your solar power storage solutions.

Sunlight Batteries: Powering Reliability

Our stock includes VRLA SPb batteries from Sunlight, developed to deliver dependable performance for standby applications supporting critical loads.

Sunlight batteries are tailored to offer reliability and endurance, ensuring uninterrupted power when you need it most.

Vision Batteries: Quality for General-Purpose Applications

Vision battery range is engineered for many applications, including UPS, telecom, and electrical utilities.

These batteries, with a remarkable 7-year design life, comply with international standards like IEC60896-21/22, BS6290-4, and Eurobat Guide. The Vision FM series is recognized for its reliability and exceptional quality in the industry.

Deka Batteries: Unrivaled Quality and Performance

Manufactured in the USA, Deka batteries represent the pinnacle of quality, performance, and value.

Specifically designed for domestic, commercial, and industrial deep-cycle power storage, the Deka Solar Valve-Regulated Gel Monobloc series offers versatile, maintenance-free power.

Their thixotropic gel technology makes them spill-proof and well-suited for deep-cycle discharge, ideal for various renewable energy applications.

Try them today. Talk to us now to send you a formal quotation.

Weco Lithium Batteries: The Future of Solar Energy Storage

New Sun now proudly offers advanced Weco lithium batteries. These cutting-edge batteries re-define solar energy storage, offering superior performance, longevity, and faster recharge rates.

Built with the latest technology, Weco lithium batteries offer a reliable and efficient power solution for your evolving energy needs.

Empower Your Solar Future

With our diverse range of solar batteries, from proven performers to the latest in modern lithium technology, quality, reliability, and innovation, backs your energy storage solutions.

Elevate your solar journey today with our exceptional range of solar batteries. Discover the ultimate Power of battery Storage from New Sun.

Power Protection Equipment

Sollatek fridge guard

Safeguard Your Fridge today

Your low power and sudden voltage fluctuations can cause issues in your fridge. Our Sollatek fridge guard is your solution, ensuring your valuable refrigeration remains safe and operational.

Enhanced Protection, Reliable Performance.

It’ll protect your fridge by detecting and disconnecting power when the voltage drops below safe levels. It’ll delay your reconnection when power returns to prevent repeated on-off cycles during fluctuations or exposure to sudden surges after power cuts.

This Sollatek fireguard automatically disconnects power if the mains voltage exceeds or drops below a preset limit, ensuring it shields your fridges from both low and high-voltage issues. After a 3-minute wait time, the Sollatek fridge guard restores power when the supply returns to acceptable levels.

Get an original fridge guard to keep your fridge safe

Ensure the longevity of your valuable fridge with a fridge guard. Experience the peace of mind that comes with reliable power protection for your home and business.

Defends Against:

  • Low voltage
  • Electrical spikes and surges
  • Power-back surges

Sollatek Tv guard

Your TV deserves the best defense against electrical threats. Meet the TV guard, the protective shield crafted by Sollatek, standing guard against high voltage, surges, and power-back surges.

Assured Safety, Maximum Efficiency

Sollatek Tv guard shield your TV from harmful electrical conditions, preventing short and long-term damage. This secure shield promotes optimal efficiency, extending the lifespan of your appliances.

With a 30-second start-up delay, the TVguard guarantees a stable power supply, shielding your TV from sudden electrical disruptions during start-up.

With excessive voltage, surges, or even basic lightning, Sollatek TV guard swiftly disconnects power. After a 30-second safety interval, it automatically restores power, ensuring your devices are secure.

Safeguard Your Television with Sollatek TV guard Now

Defends Against:

  • High Voltage
  • Electrical Surges
  • Power-Back Surges
  • Basic Lightning

AVS13: Ultimate Power Protection for Your Appliances

Electrical fluctuations can harm your valuable appliances. The AVS13, a comprehensive power protection device from Sollatek, defends against both over-voltage and under-voltage threats, safeguarding your equipment against power-back surges and spikes.

Complete Protection, Maximum Security

AVS13 is your ultimate shield, protecting many appliances from voltage irregularities. It combines over-voltage, under-voltage, surges, and power-back surge protection.

Its delay feature ensures your appliance is shielded from repeated power fluctuations and massive surges after power cuts

This device handles startup/inrush current up to 70A, providing comprehensive protection during power fluctuations and appliance start-ups.

The Sollatek AVS13 Micro version empowers users with enhanced features, allowing adjustment of delay time and monitoring voltage states for added control.

Need to protect your appliances? Try Sollatek AVS 13.

Protection Against:

  • Over-Voltage
  • Under-Voltage
  • Surges/Spikes
  • Power Back Surges

AVS30: Complete Power protector for Homes & Industries

The Sollatek AVS30 is the ultimate defense against electrical threats, guarding your ACs against both over-voltage and under-voltage dangers.

This comprehensive device, designed by Sollatek, ensures security against power-back surges and spikes.

Complete Protection, Maximum Security

Sollatek AVS30 is your comprehensive protector, defending ACs and other gadgets against over-voltage, under-voltage, surges, and power-back surge threats.

Its built-in delay feature safeguards ACs from repetitive power fluctuations and the massive surges following power cuts.

Accommodating a start-up/inrush current of up to 110A, AVS30 provides ultimate protection during power fluctuations and your appliance start-ups.

The Sollatek AVS30 Micro version empowers you with enhanced features, allowing adjustment of delay time and monitoring voltage states, offering enhanced control and protection.

Suitable for All Applications

Ideal for both domestic and industrial use, AVS30 is tailored to protect your appliance across various settings.-

Secure your air conditioners with AVS30 from Sollatek Today

Protection Against:

  • Over-Voltage
  • Under-Voltage
  • Surges/Spikes
  • Power Back Surges

Sollatek Stabilizers: Reliable Voltage Stabilization - 500VA to 4.6KVA

The Sollatek voltage stabilizer continuously monitors the main voltage. When fluctuations occur, it stabilizes the output, ensuring a steady 230V (+/-6%) reaches your gadget within its operating range.

If the input voltage strays below 142V or exceeds 295V, the stabilizer will swiftly disconnect the output, safeguarding your devices.

Once the voltage returns to acceptable levels, your stabilizer reconnects the output after a brief start-up delay.


SVS02 and SVS04: Small, lightweight stabilizers rated at 2Amps and 4Amps.

Various Socket Types Available: Ensuring compatibility with different devices.

Reliable Stability for Your Devices

The SVS02/04 ensures constant, safe voltage, safeguarding your devices from fluctuations.

Trust SVS02/04 for Consistent Power

Rely on Sollatek SVS02/04 to maintain a secure power supply for your valuable devices, ensuring their longevity and uninterrupted operation.

Features that ensure safety:

  • High and Low Voltage Stabilization:Maintain a stable voltage within optimal limits.
  • Protection against spikes and Power-Back Surges:Shields your devices from power irregularities.
  • Basic Lightning Protection:Safeguards against electrical storms.
  • AVS Function: Comprehensive protection for your appliances.
  • Startup Time Delay:Ensure a smooth and secure restart after voltage corrections.
  • +/- 6% Stabilization:Provides a steady voltage range.
  • Solid State:Uses solid-state technology for reliable performance.
  • Ensure stable voltage with Sollatek stabilizers

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