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Solar backup system installation at Sekanyonyi and Mwera Health Center IVs

The ambition

Our client (name withheld due to NDA) implementing an integrated sexual reproductive, maternal, and newborn health (ISRMNH) program in 6 districts in greater Kibaale and Mubende. Based on their baseline study of 2018 with Uganda Blood Transfusion services, it showed some HC IVs were not offering emergency obstetric care due to a lack of blood transfusion services which resulted in loss of lives. Sekanyonyi and Mwera HC IVs were prioritized for action. In their response, they procured a refrigerator and freezer for blood and blood products for each facility. At (2) facilities, they proposed to install solar backup to ensure an interrupted cold chain for the blood and blood products. In light of the above, this NGO engaged us to install solar backup systems in the 2 health facilities to support the cold chain equipment for the blood bank.

The solution

Designing, supplying, installing, and commissioning a 10Kwp solar system with a substantial battery storage of 6000Ah for the two designated locations was our strategic response. By conducting comprehensive training sessions, we equipped health workers with the knowledge to effectively operate the system. Simultaneously, our technical team provided essential training on troubleshooting and routine maintenance procedures, ensuring a self-sufficient operational environment.

The Results

Transforming from a mere solar backup, the implemented solution resulted in continuous solar energy utilization by the refrigerator and freezer, operating seamlessly 24/7. This uninterrupted power supply not only translates to life-saving capabilities but also significantly slashes annual electricity bills for these critical appliances. Ready to enhance your operations with tailored solar solutions? Contact us now at +256 393 110324!