New Sun The Clean Energy


Propose, design, supply, and install solar power for security lights for Kampala and Mbarara offices

The ambition

In response to the persistent power challenges in Uganda, a UN agency heavily reliant on generators for backup sought a transition to sustainable energy solutions. With a focus on two locations, the agency aimed to harness solar power for lighting purposes, reducing both reliance on the national grid and monthly electricity bills. The broader project aimed to incorporate renewable energy generation and energy-efficient technologies to cover perimeter security, compound illumination, office needs, and more.

The solution

Tailoring the solution to the unique requirements of the two offices, New Sun proposed the installation of solar street lights along the office perimeters to provide ample power for the entire premises. The components installed for each location were as follows: Kampala Office:
  • Gel battery storage of 200Ah (18 No.)
  • Solar panels of 350Wp (14 No.)
  • MPPT Charge Controller of 60A (2 No.)
  • Inverter – 2Kva/24V (2 No.)
  • AC Street lights of 30W (12 No.)
Mbarara Office:
  • Solar panels of 350Wp (18 No.)
  • MPPT Charge controllers of 60A (2 No.)
  • Inverter – 2Kva/24V (2 No.)
  • AC Street lights of 30W (14 No.)

The Results

The implemented solar systems brought about transformative outcomes:
  • Reduced Reliance: The two solar systems significantly decreased dependence on the national grid for security lights, achieving a remarkable 30% reliance and minimizing the use of fossil fuels for generators.
  • Promoting Sustainability: The initiative not only addressed immediate energy needs but also contributed to the larger goal of promoting sustainable energy usage in Uganda.
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