New Sun The Clean Energy


Solar street lighting for Nakivale and Kitgum mayor’s garden

The ambition

In regions with many people within refugee settlements, where access to electricity is a challenge, a prominent NGO dedicated to serving these communities sought the expertise of New Sun. The goal was clear: to light some busy streets in these areas, enhancing safety and accessibility. New Sun took on the challenge and proposed a fitting solution—solar street lighting.

The solution

For Nakivale:
  • 50 solar street lights of 30W
  • 100 solar panels of 150W
  • 50 solar batteries of 100Ah
  • 50 street poles
For Kitgum:
  • 15 street poles
  • 15 solar street lights
  • 30 solar panels of 160W
  • 15 solar batteries of 100Ah

The Results

The implementation of solar street lighting brought about transformative results:
  • Enhanced Safety: The previously dim settlement roads now boast adequate lighting, significantly contributing to the safety of residents who navigate these pathways during the night.
  • Crime Prevention: The initiative acted as a deterrent to theft and undesirable activities among refugees during nighttime hours, fostering a more secure environment.
  • Community lighting: Beyond the settlement, the project extended its impact by providing light to Kitgum Mayor’s Park, enhancing the overall accessibility and usability of the public space.