New Sun The Clean Energy


Supply and Installation of the solar system at Lukopoi classroom block, Karamoja, Nakivale, and Lamwo field offices, and Ocia staff units.

The ambition

In the quest for uninterrupted operations, our client, a dedicated NGO, faced a recurring challenge – the unstable grid power at their field offices in Nakivale and Lamwo. Struggling with power outages, they sought a comprehensive solution to ensure seamless operations, not just for their main premises but also for the Lukopoi classroom and Ocia staff units. The NGO’s ambition was clear – to find a reliable energy solution to navigate the hurdles of grid power instability. Recognizing the critical nature of their work and the impact of uninterrupted power on their initiatives, they turned to us for a strategic resolution.

The solution

Responding to their call, we embarked on a journey to design, supply, and install solar systems tailored to the unique needs of each location. For the field offices, we implemented a robust solution comprising
  • 15 No. 350W solar panels
  • 1 No. 6Kva Inverter
  • 2 No. 60A charge controllers
  • 16 No. solar batteries of 200Ah
The configuration was engineered to provide sustained power, even in the face of unpredictable grid outages. For the Lukopoi classroom and Ocia staff units, we proposed a solar system capacity of;
  • 5000Wp Solar watt peak
  • 1 No. 3Kva Inverter
  • 1 No. 60A charge controller
  • Battery storage setup of 8 No. 200Ah units.
This ensured a reliable and continuous power supply, empowering the school and staff members to conduct their activities seamlessly.

The Results

Impact beyond Numbers: Community Empowerment Beyond the technical specifications, this initiative resonates with our commitment to community welfare. By providing a dependable power solution to the NGO, we contribute to the sustained success of their endeavors, whether it’s in the field offices coordinating impactful projects or in the educational spaces of Lukopoi, fostering learning.