New Sun The Clean Energy


Power back-up installation for facility A and B

The ambition

Kaabong, nestled in northeastern Uganda, boasts natural beauty but contends with the challenge of power instability. The New Sun emerged as a beacon of light, offering a sustainable energy solution. Our story unfolds with a UN agency struggling with erratic power at its field office in Kaabong. They turned to us to offer them a suitable solution for their power needs.

The solution

Responding to the agency’s needs, New Sun proposed a dynamic power backup system tailored to seamlessly integrate with their two available power sources – a generator and grid power. The comprehensive solution comprised 1 No. 10KVA Inverter/Charger, complemented by 56 No. 210Ah batteries and other essential electrical accessories, culminating in a fully functional and self-sufficient system. Measurable benefits:
  • Operation Continuity: The implemented solution ensures uninterrupted operations at the office premises, fostering seamless workflow.
  • Reduced Reliance: By strategically utilizing available power sources, there’s a noticeable reduction in dependence on costly grid power, translating to financial savings.
  • Environmental Impact: The shift from reliance on a generator contributes to a substantial reduction in the carbon footprint, aligning with sustainable environmental practices.

The Results

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