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Supply, Installation, repair, and maintenance of Inverter power backup system at Nakasero and Kisozi offices

The ambition

A leading NGO sought New Sun’s expertise to modernize their power backup systems, focusing on the ICT data center at Nakasero and their Kisozi office. Grappling with an aging power backup setup ill-suited for the technological demands of their ICT equipment, they aimed to not only upgrade but also reduce the substantial costs associated with daily generator bills for two offices.

The solution

New Sun, aligning with their mission, crafted and executed a tailored power backup system for Nakasero, featuring:
  • Outback vented Inverter/charger VFXR 3024E (3 pieces)
  • Servo voltage stabilizer (15Kva)
  • AGM Sunlight batteries (30 pieces)
Again, the Kisozi office received an upgrade with AGM Sunlight batteries (38 pieces). The new systems not only revitalized the aging infrastructure but also strategically positioned the NGO for efficient and cost-effective power management. Measurable benefits:
  • Cost Savings: The implemented solution resulted in a remarkable 50% reduction in the total monthly electricity bills, offering significant financial relief.
  • Uninterrupted Operations: The upgraded ICT server now runs 24/7 without interruptions, ensuring seamless data management and accessibility.
  • Continuous Power: Crucial offices now enjoy uninterrupted power during outages, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

The Results

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