New Sun The Clean Energy


Provision and Installation of solar power to various secondary schools across the country.

The ambition

A dedicated organization overseeing Smartaid schools in Africa committed to embracing clean energy solutions for all their educational institutions across the country. With continuous development in their existing schools, the organization faced the ongoing need for sustainable energy to ensure seamless school operations. Recognizing the critical importance of providing a well-lit environment for students, they sought a reliable and eco-friendly solution, and solar energy emerged as the ideal choice due to the abundant sunlight across Uganda.

The solution

In response to their commitment to clean energy, we collaborated to supply and install solar power systems at various school premises nationwide. Embracing the opportunity, the organization initiated the integration of solar power into schools like Akoromit, Toroma, Aspire, Noble, Mukongoro, and Bwesumbu.

The Results

The impact of this solar initiative extended beyond mere energy provision; Reduced Dependency: The schools not only adopted solar power but also achieved an impressive 90% reduction in their monthly electricity bills. The financial resources previously allocated to conventional electricity payments were redirected to the installation of sustainable solar energy systems. Environmental Stewardship: By investing in solar energy, the organization actively contributed to a significant reduction in its carbon footprint in Uganda. This shift aligns with broader environmental sustainability UN goals, reflecting a commitment to responsible and eco-friendly energy practices. Join the solar revolution for educational institutions. Contact us today to explore how we can customize clean energy solutions for your organization.