New Sun The Clean Energy


Supply, Installation, commissioning, and maintenance of a power backup system for the Wsacco server room

The ambition

Recognizing the critical role of a server room in business operations, a prominent Sacco in Uganda aspired to establish an uninterrupted power solution for their ICT equipment. Understanding the pivotal nature of this requirement, they engaged New Sun to propose, supply, and install an alternative power source dedicated to their ICT server room.

The solution

In response to the challenge at hand, New Sun embraced the cause and recommended an Inverter system, known for its cleanliness and minimal maintenance requirements. The proposed solution included:
  • 10Kva Inverter/Charger (1 No.)
  • AGM Sunlight batteries (56 No.)
  • Sollatek AVS 3P (1 No.)
  • 15Kva Servo stabilizer (1 No.)

The Results

The implemented system delivered tangible outcomes:
  • Continuous Power: The new system ensures 24/7 power availability to their server room, guaranteeing uninterrupted operations for critical business functions.
  • Enhanced Stability: The solution extends its benefits to crucial offices, fostering stability and reliability in their day-to-day activities.
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